School News JUne 2013

  It was good to see so many families at Sports Day last week.  The games were designed by the children this year which they really enjoyed.  Each team made up a game which they showed to the other children.  There were wheelbarrow races, potato and spoon races, as well as long jump and target training.  Each team was given a score for each game as well as scores for audience cheering.  The final scores were counted the next day and the winner was the Beavers with the Wardrobes coming second and the Narnias coming in close third.  We had a great day together which ended with ice-creams and Stephanie’s ‘Adhoc café’ to enjoy the beautiful sunny weather.  Thank you to the café organisers who also cleaned up the kitchen so well and for all the help collecting the games equipment in at the end.  Especially Oscar in Ben’s class who put a lot away without even being asked.

New Learning Support Assistant

We have appointed a new Learning Support Assistant called Jackie Newman.  She has had many years working as a classroom assistant and has worked at Park for a term supporting a student from Keviccs a couple of years ago.  She is also an ex-parent who understands the ethos of Park and relates very well to children of all ages.  I look forward to welcoming her in September.

New School Secretary

Pauline has been working very hard to tell Rebecca, our new secretary, all about this important and difficult job.  She will be coming in to school part time for the rest of the term.  Please help her to feel welcome by introducing yourself to her.

Young Dartington summer camps for children aged 8-14 are running from 22 July -9 August.  Park children receive a 10% discount on the basic price. If you would like more information there are brochures on the table outside the school office.  Their website is and they can be contacted on 01803 867100 or 07818032443 or email:

Parent Council Member

I am very happy to say that Mike Rowe has been nominated and agreed to be on Council as Parent Member as of September 2013.  As Mike was the only nomination an election was not required on this occasion.  A big thank you to Ross Robens for the time he has given to the school in this role.  Mike has written a little bit about himself for those of you who do not know him:

‘I have a long-standing connection with Park as a parent.  My oldest son Nathan was here in 1993-95.  Kieran, age 7, has been at Park for over 4 years now, having started in the Early Years when he was 3.

I feel very committed to the values and ethos that Park School represents, many of which I see as an extension of our own family values, being child centred and small scale, valuing honesty, sensitive communication and quality of relationship.  I have a good understanding of the way Park operates as a school and community, and of parental involvement.  At present I am a class helper for Ben’s class and a lot of my contribution hours are spent in the Park School garden.

I am a sensitive communicator and decision maker, and have lots of work experience of dealing with complicated situations and issues.

Outside of Park School, I have worked for many years as a therapeutic counsellor and supervisor.  In the past, I worked as a project manager with a small charity in mental health supported housing.

For 8 years I worked as area manager in a large housing association.  Among other things this involved managing staff, including line management and supervision, negotiating budgets, and developing new projects.  I set up, attended and chaired several committees representing the organisation and the client groups I worked with.  More recently, I have worked as a consultant in housing management, working in conflict resolution.  I also have experience in a teaching role, having taught yoga and meditation to adults for many years’.

We now have two elected Parent Council Members –Heidi Strawson and Mike Rowe.  Another Council Member, Carlos Glover, has needed to stand down due to work commitments and the Council has invited Hamid van Koten (Aliyyah’s Dad in Ben’s class) to stand as Council Member which he has accepted.  If you would like to meet the current Council members you are invited to a short social meeting on 2 July 4.30-5pm.  Please RSVP using the slip at the bottom to say that you are intending to come.


29 June- Workday 10-2 and Camp 6pm-11am on 30 June.

6  July- Strawberry Fair 11-3pm.

9 July- Pizza Oven Day-cancelled due to pizzas at the Fair.

July- Camp for Early Years, Ben and Mark’s classes.

July- Mark’s class camp continues.

17 July- Leavers Ceremony 11-12.  Term ends at noon.

A message from Ruth-

Hello Park parents,

Still needing cooks for our workday next Saturday - please help - a hungry crowd of Park Parents is not a pretty sight!

Also needing one more helper for a post Strawberry Fair fundraising cupboard tidy up - great to get it all organised ready for the new school year in September.

Please remember to tell the office when you come in to do jobs so that a member of staff is responsible for you.  This is a fire safety and child protection requirement.

Lastly, thank-you so much for making my job so much easier this year by really coming forward and volunteering to be part of making this lovely community school a fab place for our children. It really has been a pleasure and, I hope, that is true for you too!

After school play

It has been very nice to be able to play after school on the few summer days that we have had.  However it has been brought to my attention that some children are not following the school values and staff are having to step in.  This is disruptive to staff as they are reflecting on their day and planning for the next.  The children know that the same rules apply whenever they are on the school grounds.  To help you to remind your child, the main ones are: Look after yourself, look after others and look after the place you are in.  This includes no walking along the bank beside the road at any time, no play fighting, sticks must be shorter than their arm, bikes and balls must only be played with on the top field and not around the buildings and all classrooms are not a play space once the child has been collected.  Please help your child to remember these very basic rules.

Bike Week

Thank you for helping your child to bring bikes and helmets in to school in such good order.  Andy Mackellar, Johnny Thwaites and Martin ‘Artin’ had very few repairs to attend to and all our bike rides were very successful.  Mark’s class cycled to Longmarsh for lollies by Steamer Quay and on another day cycled to Staverton to catch the steam train to Totnes.  All the classes enjoyed obstacle races, bike art – which involved cycling across canvas splattered with paint, drawing the beautiful penny farthing kindly lent to us by Alice Hoare (our wonderful ex-early years teacher), reading books about bikes, painting unusual road signs, making up impossible bikes as well as a host of other activities.  Martin will be making a display of these in the room next to Ben’s.  We had a lot of fun and some great cyclists!  Please remember to lock bikes at the end of each day as our insurance does not cover bike theft.  Please also remember to make sure your child has their key to be able to move them out of the way for the fair or take them home for the weekend.

A note from Shona about the garden…

The garden is looking wonderful just now, and the children have been working really hard.  They have been involved in a number of jobs including planting seeds, potting on and planting out, cutting sticks for supports, weeding, watering, clearing nettles and starting to make plant feed from our bountiful comfrey.

If you have a moment after school please feel free to wander around and have a look.  At the moment, we have new potatoes ready for harvest, which Tabitha is looking forward to cooking with this week.  The third bed along in the pig pen has rocket going to flower.  It is not one of the children’s favourites, so if you’d like some please feel free to harvest some yourself and pop a donation in the greenhouse.  We also have a few outdoor cucumber plants available for 70p each, and will have more plants to sell at the Strawberry Fair.

It is a lot of fun working with the children in the garden and we look forward to our hard work paying off at harvest time in July and the autumn.

The Strawberry Fair is almost upon us!  Please display your posters in as many places as possible as they not only publicize the fair but also the school.  The four winners for drawing the posters this year were Lucas, Oscar, Lara and Cian.  I am sure that you will agree they are beautiful and funny!  Thanks to Drum for making them in to the fliers for us!  Display yours today!

Look under the covered way for help needed.


1.  Cooking for the Fair - Give at least 1 dish

2.  Giving time during the fair - Give 1 hour time-slot commitment

3.  Giving time setting up or dismantling the fair   - Give 2 hour time slot commitment

I am looking forward to seeing lots of you at the Work Day and Family camp on 29th and 30th June.  If you are staying for the camp please bring something to share for supper – preferably something already cooked as there are quite a few of us and a small kitchen!  Please sign up for the cleaning rota which I will put outside the kitchen door.  The main school will be locked after 11pm at night but the toilets by Ben’s class will be left unlocked.  Please remember that your children are your responsibility at any out of school event.

Contribution hours

Thank you to you all for the many hours that have been given to the school for this term.  Can I remind you that a trained first aider and a key holder to access the first aid must be on site at all times when you are working.  This must be negotiated with Ruth and Stephanie.

Best wishes,


Amanda Bellamy

Teacher in Charge

Phone number and email address

To aid communication the school publishes a Parent phone list for parents and members of the school community.

The school office and certain members of the school community e.g. Parent group coordinators, may prefer to send you some information by email if you are willing.  Please would you sign below to indicate your agreement to your phone no. and email address (if relevant) being used for these purposes.

Email address:……………………………………………………..

Or I would prefer not to receive information by email □ (Please tick)

Signed:............................................  Print name:.............................................Date:......................


I /we would like to come to the Council Social Meeting on 2 July 4.30-5pm.



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