Children raise money for charity with apples!

Homegrown Harvest café gives War Child support!  

work day and apple day 2013 032Pupils at Park School have enjoyed harvesting a bumper crop of apples this week.  At a special Apple Day celebration they toasted the biodiversity of their organic crop by collecting the apples from the school orchard and bringing an apple press to school for the day. The apples were pressed into 130 litres of apple juice and apples cakes which were sold at a café to raise money for a charity chosen by the children The children chose this as a democratic vote in their school meeting. This year the children chose to give the money to War Child which supports children in war zones across the world. The children had time to talk about a variety of children’s charities and to understand the needs of children in different places. The apple café has been a wonderful way for them to raise money and to feel that they really can make a difference,