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School News no.291

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18th December 2013

Dear Parents,

THANK YOU EVERYONE for a fabulous Christmas Fair! Everywhere I went I was struck by beautiful things and people!

The café was filled to overflowing with delicious cakes, bread and soup – and so organised! Once I had eaten there, I drifted down to the pizza oven and discovered another feast that just had to be sampled.  Next stop was the Fairy Grotto which was comforting and delightful, especially when Daisy gave me some of her own money to make a wish in the Wishing Well.  I then made my way to the Children’s’ Games room, which was full of laughter and excitement.  We had some new games this year like ‘Feel the Stocking’ and ‘Pin the Nose on Rudolph’, as well as the old favourites ‘Hang the Doughnut’ and ‘How Many T-Shirts Can You Put On?’ It was so lovely to see all the children encouraging, helping and playing each other’s games – and most of them did a great job of tidying up afterwards too!

I then had a chance to listen to some lovely singing from Johnny (Rudi’s dad), Frankie (Reuben’s mum) and Alani (Adelaide and Dorothy’s cousin) with their guitars; then I listened to Drum playing his hang drum. Wow! What crazy talent we have and the mulled wine flowed merrily alongside.

Anita and Neil made a fantastic raffle area and we had three wonderful prizes this year.  Derryck (Louie & Darcy’s dad) won the hamper (many thanks to those who made it overflow with goodies) and Rachel won the Christmas cake made by Rebecca.  Gabi (Fleur’s mum) won a wonderful Shiatsu massage from Kirsty (Aikin’s mum).  Mark’s room had a vast array of toys and books to buy – as well as home-made mincemeat and chutneys and craft activities.

The rain eventually stopped and we were given a beautiful pink sunset to sit around the fire.  Oli and Kirsty (Aikin’s mum and dad) told stories and juggled fire, with the moon as a backdrop – magic!

Thank you to all of those who came to make it a wonderful event; and to those who stayed late to help tidy the school ready for Monday, an extra special thanks.  Christmas carol singing with Johnny and his guitar in the kitchen was divine!

So far, takings have amounted to £718.18 before costs – this is wonderful!

A special massive thank you to Stephanie for her marvellous, fearless leading of the Fair. Stephanie has put into place many new systems to help communication between parents since she has been coordinator. I think that you would agree that the Fair felt relaxed and calm because of the hard work that went on behind the scenes for months before hand.

Singing - We have appointed a new singing teacher called Sarah Clark, who will start after Christmas.  We have to say goodbye and thank you to Fran as she starts a new job in January in Exeter.  I am sure you would all agree that the work she did with the children in the school play, and the Carol Concert, made the children shine.

Blitz the Nitz Week – it’s BTNW this week!  Please continue to check your child’s hair throughout the holidays and let’s get rid of them!  If you need more information, please come to the office.

Christmas Lunch – Poor Tabitha was not well enough to come in to make lunch on Monday, but Millie (Soli’s mum) and her team of wonderful cooks and helpers (Kathy, Maude and Kate) put on a wonderful spread, which the children and adults all thoroughly enjoyed.  Thank you so much to you wonderful parents (yet again!) for making Christmas Lunch possible and so delicious!  Thank you also to Simon (Milo & Hannah’s dad) and Gabi (Fleur’s mum) and Kate (Adelaide & Dorothy’s mum) for stepping in to the breach on Tuesday!

School Play DVD –Drum and Richard filmed last summer’s production of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and edited an amazing DVD of the performance.  Every main school child has now been given one copy – thank you Drum and Richard!

Two dates for your diaries…

Next Term’s Work Day – If you haven’t noted the date already, the work day is on 22nd March, 10am – 2pm.  All are welcome to help do a few jobs and to get to know each other.  These hours do count towards your contribution hours.

Class Presentations: These take place between 3.30pm and 4.30pm and a member of staff will look after your child whilst you find out about how you can help them learn.  Please do come to these important meetings - Mark’s Class is on 14th January and Ben’s Class is on 15th January

Finally – we would like to welcome Fleur to Mark’s class and Devon!  She has just moved, with parents Gabi and Peter,


Thank you for all of your kind and thoughtful words regarding my husband Sean.  He is at home and we are looking forward to Christmas together as a family.

Have a happy, safe and joyful holiday.


With best wishes,

Amanda Bellamy

Teacher in Charge

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