School News January 2014


  School News no.292

If you receive your school news by email, please make sure that you still pop in to check your pigeon hole as often as you can, as you may miss other important messages – and it is so lovely to see you by the office too!

16th January 2014

Dear Parents,

Happy new year to you all! I hope Christmas brought you happy memories and laughter by the chucklefull!

Class Presentations – I hope you managed to attend your class presentation and that you found it helpful.  Mark’s class topic this term is “Energy & Gasses” and Ben’s class is “Materials”.  The Early Years will be following Spring as it slowly shows itself to us.

Early Years have their Social Evening on 21st January, between 7 and 8pm.  Do try to come along as Bridie will be talking about the school and you will meet new parents.

Visitors’ Book – the Visitors’ Book must be signed if you are staying for longer than a normal drop-off time.  The column labelled “Supervised By” must be completed by everyone – if you have a valid DBS check in place, you can write “DBS”; otherwise write the name of the person you have organised to supervise you whilst you’re in school.  Anyone staying for a coffee in the kitchen, or completing their contribution hours job, must sign in and Early Years parents must inform Bridie.  Please also remember to sign out – this is important in case of fire as we will need to know whether or not you have left the building.

Early Years Family Afternoon – This will be on Thursday afternoon, 1.30 – 3.00pm.  If your child has completed a practice and have enrolled in Early Years, they are welcome to come for the afternoon with you before they start their first term with us.  The cost is £1.50 per child, which includes a snack.  Please let us know you are coming.

Later this term, we will have a “Bring a Friend Time” so you can invite a friend to sample the Early Years for an afternoon.  The date will be confirmed soon.

Car Park Permits – some permits were not returned from the Christmas period. Each permit costs £50 so if you have one lurking in your car/bag/pocket, please ensure you return it as soon as you can.

Contribution – Stephanie and Ruth will be emailing you a list of jobs and ways that you can fulfil your contribution hours (12 hours a term).  There is a sign-up sheet under the covered way. If you feel you need to opt out (and pay the £180 fee) please contact the office by 5th February.

Stephanie was wondering if anyone would like to coordinate a Park School social event to raise money and jolly us along this term.  In the past, we have had a Barn Dance, Jumble Sales and last year we had a wonderful Talent Show coordinated by Kirsty.

Term Dates for 2014-2015 – some parents have requested these dates.  I am still waiting for other local schools, Sands and Steiner to publish theirs so that we are in line with each other.  I will do this as soon as possible and take them to Council to be approved.  Sorry that I can’t do it any sooner.

Privacy Notice – You will notice there is a copy of our Privacy Notice in your pigeon hole – this is part of our updated Data Protection Policy, which we need to inform you about and is for information only.

Ofsted Parent View - If you haven’t already done so, please visit Ofsted’s websites to give your views about our school: PUPILS: PARENTS: Paper copies of the pupil survey can be obtained by phoning 0300 123 1231 or emailing

Dates for your diaries…not all dates and times are shown here due to child protection .Please see hard copies or emails for complete dates and times

There are a few dates to take note of, especially the Work Day on 22nd March, 10am – 2pm.  This is a great day to meet people, grow our community spirit and to fulfil some of your contribution hours.

21st January – Early Years Social, 7-8pm

4th February – Council meeting, 5-7pm

10th – 13th February – Blitz the Nitz Week

11th February – Pizza oven Day

14th February – Education Day – staff only in school

17th – 23rd February – Half Term Break

28th February – Mark’s Class 1st Gym Session

6th March – World Book Day – plan your dressing up clothes for a Grand Parade!

7th March - Mark’s Class 2nd Gym Session

21st March - Mark’s Class 3rd Gym Session

22nd March – Work Day, 11am – 2pm

27th March – Open Day, 2.30-4.30pm – Café hosted by whole school

28th March - Mark’s Class 4th Gym Session

3rd April – Easter Egg Hunt, 2-3pm

1st – 4th April – Blitz the Nitz Week

5th – 21st April – Easter Holiday

22nd April – Education Day – staff only in school

29th April – Mark’s Class Presentation, 3.30-4.30pm

30th April – Ben’s Class Presentation, 3.30-4.30pm

5th May – May Day Bank Holiday

8th May – Spring Celebration and Café, 2-4.30pm

20th May – Pizza Day (and Council Meeting, 5pm)

19th – 22nd May – Blitz the Nitz Week

23rd May – Education Day – staff only in school

26th May – 1st June – Half Term Break

10th & 11th June – Parent / Teacher Meetings, 3.30-5pm

18th June – Sports Day (25th June if wet)

28th June – Work Day,

12th July – Strawberry Fair, 11am – 3.30pm


Thank you for all of the good wishes for my family that many of you sent me when I was off last term.  My husband has come out of hospital and is making fantastic progress.  This means that I am able to be in school nearly full time again – which is wonderful.  This is my eleventh January at Park School and it’s great to be back!  Thank you also to all of you for the extra support you gave the staff at the end of the term with cooking, cleaning, office and Christmas festivities.  It showed what a strong and dedicated community we are.


The final profit made at the Christmas Fair is still to be calculated, so if you still have receipts for expenditure please bring them to the office as soon as possible.


Finally, we would like to welcome the new children and their families who have joined us this term - Oak, who moved from London with mum Julia and dad Sean, is in Ben’s class; Isabella, Io and Hazel have joined Early Years. Isabella moved from Italy with mum Rachel; Io lives with mum Capella  and Hazel lives with mum Alexandra .


With best wishes

Amanda Bellamy

Teacher in Charge

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