Lots of dates for events this term!

Mark’s class and the older children in Amanda and Vanessa’s class will be going swimming at the Totnes Pavillions starting this week. We walk down through the beautiful Dartington Estate and have the pool all to ourselves for some fun and games.Find out from calss teachers exact times. We are having our first ‘Blitz the Head Lice week’. Like most Primary Schools head lice can become a real nuisance.  In an attempt to get as close to getting rid of these little beasties as possible (see pictures on Ben’s class windows!) hair needs to be checked regularly each week. However the staff and several parents felt that a whole school blitz at the beginning of each term might help.  Please could you check your child’s hair this week starting at the weekend.  Information about lice and how to deal with them can be obtained from the office.

The positive work that was started last year with the two pilot Community Groups has made me really excited about this year. Thank you for all of the support given and especially to those of you who came in to paint the Early Years in the holidays. What a difference it feels in there!  We have some more plans for this year. There will be a meeting on Tuesday Sept 21 7.30 ‘til 9 in Amanda and Vanessa’s classroom. This will be a time to find out what the plans are, to make a choice about which of the two groups you would like to be involved with this year (if you haven’t chosen already), to meet the Coordinators and to tell us any ideas that you may be interested in developing at Park.  Please do come along to meet everyone- nibbles and wine provided.

Class presentations- a chance to meet teachers and to find out about routines and class plans for the term.  Do come along to find out what your child may need. Early years- (date to be decided), Ben’s class -30 September 3.30-4.30, Amanda and Vanessa’s class -29 September 3.30-4.30, Mark’s class- 29 September 3.30-4.30. There will be a teacher on duty to look after your children if you need this. Plans for the term will, as before, be on class notice boards

Class Stay-Ons- A chance for each class to be at school on their own at a different time to normal and to really get to understand their new groups. Individual letters will be sent out from each teacher with more information and dates.

Work Party- a day for families to come and help with school projects and have a lovely lunch together. These hours do not count as part of the contribution hours). Check school news and notice boards for times and dates.

The deadline for applications for children transferring to secondary school in September 2011 is 31 October 2010 for online applications (or 19th October if you wish to submit a paper application via school).  Further details have been given in a separate letter for parents of children concerned.  There is an Open Evening at King Edward VI Community College on 23 September from 4.30-7 and South Dartmoor Community College is having an Open Day on 28 September at 9.30am and 2pm.

Trips to the Barn cinema during school time for National School Film Week. Amanda/ Vanessa and Mark’s-20 October, Ben’s-18 October. Letters with details will be sent nearer the time.                               


Harvest café- 21 October -3 ‘til 4.30

There will be Parent/Teacher Meetings just after half term to discuss individual progress, (9 and 10 November 3.30 ‘til 5.30).  If you need to talk to a teacher before this date we are always happy to arrange a time after school for this to happen.  It is so important for good communication to happen between home and school for the benefit of our children.

We will be having a Winter Concert again in St Mary’s church, Totnes, 9 December 7. 30 ‘til 8.30ish.  It was so uplifting and fun last year for the children to sing with one of Colin’s adult choirs.  Further information about tickets nearer the time.  Please come and bring a friend or two.

Children’s Christmas lunch, parties and a visit from Father Xmas 14 December at school

The Family afternoon for siblings will continue on Friday afternoons between 1.30 – 3 in the Early Years (£1.50 per session).