Writing Spring Poetry Outside


Spring is in the air so I took a class outside to write poetry.We sat in a large circle we had made earlier from bunting and flags in a maths lesson. The children used all of their senses to write a line each to form a group poem. The imagery and language they used because they were outside in nature was amazing and everybody joined in. Here is an example:

A song of a new season

The planet a Springtime cake with the flowers being icing and trees like candles

Sweet chorus of the birds echoes through the green woods

Little birds whistling their merry tune like a lullaby for the rest of the world

The sound of the wind in a hurry

Emerald green leaves flowing on the branches of the trees like a river


A sea of green swallows you up into its nature filled depths.

by Felix,Talia, Milo,Aikin , Lara and Sky


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