Poly-tunnel Dream Becomes A Food Filled Reality.


p2izza and polytunnel may 2014 003We are celebrating the recent completion of a poly-tunnel in our school vegetable and herb garden. A team of committed parents, staff and children worked hard with various fundraising events and hard physical work to make this dream become a reality. Teacher Ben Williams said, “It’s going to make an enormous difference to how the children can learn about plants and food. We have been growing food to eat at Park for over 25 years but until fairly recently we have always been faced by the problem of when food can be harvested-and rabbits! Now that we have fenced off a large plot and have the poly-tunnel the children will have more success. They will be able to take part in the whole cycle of growing food through the year – composting, water conservation, growing seeds, planting out, harvesting, cooking and eating the produce for our organic homemade school lunches. Tomatoes and lettuces will be our first crop!’

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