Alice In Wonderland


The school play was a wild mix of madness this year! The older group chose the play and wrote their own script of ‘Alice In Wonderland'. They were supported to do this by their class teacher and our art teacher -who is also a professional puppeteer. They made all their own props which included huge mushrooms, shadow puppets, rod puppets and all the ingredients for a Mad Hatters Tea Party. The children made up their own dances and learnt some funny songs with some beautiful solos. The younger children supported them with their own song and dance scenes. It has been a magical journey for them to work together as a fantastic team to tell their wild story. The journey their characters went through to challenge themselves to be brave enough to go on stage and shine saw the children’s real personalities grow in confidence. This inner growth will be with them for life and not just for the performance, which was the icing on the cake celebrating all that they have become through the process.

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