Congratulations To Our Author Anna!


Congratulations are needed for Author Anna Vignieri of Park School! She has won a signed copy of Jacqueline Wilson’s new book ‘Clover Moon' and a personally signed note of congratulations from Jacqueline Wilson as a prize! She was the first runner-up in an ‘Amazing Author Competition’, out of 100’s of competitors, run by Jacqueline Wilson. She had to write a 600 word story set in Victorian times, with Hetty Feather and Clover Moon (characters from Jacqueline Wilson’s books).

Anna is such a great writer I wanted I wanted her to write about her success herself!:

It all started when I (Anna Vignieri, age 10) found out that there was a writing competition going on. I found this out when I was looking through the new Jacqueline Wilson Magazine (if you don’t know who she is, she’s a famous author). They were holding an Amazing Author Competition and I thought this was a brilliant idea! All you had to do was write a story that was 600 words or less, it had to be set in the Victorian era, and it had to include two of Jacqueline Wilson’s famous characters, Hetty Feather and Clover Moon.

I got so excited I started writing at once. I decided my story would be based on a girl who lives in a grocery shop and spends all day there because her mother is so mean. But then she finally meets Hetty Feather and Clover Moon and somehow they become friends! I wrote my story in about a week and a half, waited a bit, and then sent it in. The only problem was that it was really hard to get it down to 600 words or less because I had so many ideas! It took about 6 weeks to find out if I’d won or not and guess what? Of the hundreds of submissions they received I was one of 3 runners-up! I was so happy I wanted to scream!

They posted my story online and I now have the new Clover Moon book with a personally signed note of congratulations from Jacqueline Wilson as a prize! Note from the competition:

***A huge thanks to each and every one of you who took the time to write a story for this competition. We received hundreds and hundreds of stories, each one amazing! Jacqueline was overwhelmed by the response and extremely impressed by the high standards!***


Note from Jacqueline Wilson:

Dear Anna,

Congratulations on being a runner-up in the Victorian story competition! I really enjoyed reading “The Grocery Shop Girl.” Her mother sounded seriously scary. I’m so pleased Elizabeth made friends with Hetty and Clover.

Love from

Jacqueline Wilson xxx

Link to Anna’s story at JW Magazine (reprinted below):

The Grocery Shop Girl



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