Shakespeare play!

A Midsummer Nights Dream at Park School as Summer arrives Last week the year 5/6 class supported by the younger pupils, dressed as fairies, goblins and magical creatures to wow the audience with their own beautifully choreographed production of A Midsummer Nights Dream. The pupils took to the stage surrounded by a stunning woodland set, made by them ,filled with the colours of spring and the audience loved every minute of it! Their performance and interviews with the children were recorded and played on Soundart Radio's "In Bed with Sarah and John" breakfast Show on 102.5 FM!

One visitor said "There were 3 pupils in particular who took my breath away with their brave solo's, singing with angelic voices that left me with goose bumps. At one point a main character in the play confused his words slightly and had the whole audience laughing as he quickly improvised by adding his own confident and very funny line. " It's this confidence and strong sense of self that Park School encourages their children to grow into.

Mark Maynard the teacher behind the modernised and rewritten play said " I am so proud of all the children involved and they all worked extremely hard to bring their own ideas to life. They chose their songs, their words and their costumes. They encouraged the younger pupils within the School to have fun and be involved and inspired most of the play from beginning to end! They learnt to appreciate the timeless stories and twists of Shakespeare's plays."

Park School offers a unique human scale Holistic education for 3-11 year olds and this performance certainly reflected this ethos with its creativity, beauty and humour. The pupils at Park School are encouraged to be independent, confident and holistic in their approach to life and are supported to share their views and beliefs about the development and running of the School during their weekly whole School Meetings. All the staff at Park love the outdoors and this is evident when visiting the School and looking at the displays of work and their link to the creative aspects of outdoor learning. Its for this reason that " A Midsummer Nights Dream" seemed the perfect play to end the spring term! Proceeds from the play will go towards plants, seeds and a new shed to help the children garden in their school food garden.