Wonderful Celebration of Spring!

We had our spring Celebration this week. The children and adults all came to school dressed in spring colours or baby animals and we sung songs with parents bringing their musical talents. The children had made up their own dance to dance in the Season. They then had a naming circle to rename themselves for the day and to represent something that they wanted to get better at ( eg. Being thoughtful,listening more,being proud of themselves) . We then all picked up an instrument and had a big parade around the grounds to wake up the earth.  We all then entered a circle using  hazel  cut from the grounds which the children had created  during a maths session . We did some more dancing and singing before we officially opened the new herb garden that the children have made. Finally we had a huge spring chicken arrive to entertain the children and a glorious cafe filled with homemade cakes. We raised £100 towards school funds.