Creating a less stressful education

The Children's Minister, Sarah Teather, says "Government can only do so much" to support children's wellbeing, but a less stress-creating education policy would go a long way.
We wanted our daughter to go to a small school to avoid the early pressures of tests and targets.  Park School, Dartington, is part of the human-scale education movement and puts the emphasis of primary education on good relationships - with yourself, others and the environment.  Combined with smaller class sizes and plenty of outdoor exploration, this supports children's self-confidence and gives them a foundation for more academic learning later on.
Our daughter made a good transition to a large state secondary school last year and is doing well at her new subjects, but more importantly she's entering adolescence with high self-esteem and a good connection with her Self.  I'm certain that if the emphasis of all education moved in this direction we'd find our national wellbeing at a much higher level in years to come.
Carlos Glover-Member of the Council of Management
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