School news time.

We give the children a taste of a modern foreign language on a daily basis through their everyday activities.  However on Wednesday 22nd February we are having a French day. The children in the main school will continue the French that they are learning by having workshops with Mark, Ben, Emily and Martin all themed around French. They will be in mixed aged groups spending time in a French café, looking at famous French artists and talking about where France is on the map-as well as speaking as much French as they can! Pauline is a French speaker and will be reading a children’s story to them all. Tabitha is kindly making us a French chocolate pudding. The Early Years will continue the French that they use during their daily snack time. If you have any French things to show us please bring them into school.I hope that you had a great half term. It has been lovely to come back to a little more colour in the grounds-especially the Early Years pink blossom trees and the bulbs in the new planter the children made.  

I ended the term by being with Mark’s class for the day. We all dressed up as Victorians and had a funny (and slightly scary) morning with Mr. Maynard  (alias Mark) in his Victorian classroom. The children had to pay a penny to enter, stand when an adult entered the room, got the cane and repeated things from the blackboard endlessly. They even had gruel at snack time! We then headed off to Plymouth to watch The Vile Victorians at the Plymouth Pavilions and wowed the staff there by being so well dressed up. It was a funny show and a great end to a very memorable day.

Please note that any posters or leaflets or sign up sheets must go through the office before they are put up on the school notice boards or into pigeon holes.


Ofsted has launched a consultation on a revised framework for inspecting independent schools.  The proposals for change are set out in a consultation document which can be found on the website

You can respond to the consultation by filling in a response questionnaire which appears at the end of the consultation document.  This can be done online, via download and email (when you have completed the questionnaire email it to: , please put Independent schools framework consultation in the subject line) or print and post to Independent schools framework consultation, Ofsted, National Business Unit, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester, M1 2WD.  The closing date is 17 April.


I wanted to say a big thank you to Sarah (Esther's mum) who cooked lunch for us one day last term when Tabitha was ill. It was a very big thing to take on suddenly and we were all very grateful for her delicious cooking and the time she gave so willingly.


The Fire Service came to school to the two main school classes and taught the children about fire safety in a fun and interesting way through a film and dressing up.


Book Week February 27 Feb-March 2nd Next week it is book week. Please take a moment to look at the green notice board under the covered way to see what is happening -as there are lots of activities happening. Dressing up day will be Thursday 1st March. This is a day that the children (and some staff!!) dress up as a book character and have a big parade around the school to show each other their creations. World Book Day tokens will be given out during the week and are valid until 25 March.


Tickets for the School Barn Dance at Rattery Village Hall are now available in the office. There will be some soft drinks available but no bar so you are welcome to bring a bottle if you want to. Please bring a friend or two to this wonderful fundraiser.


Please note not all dates are on this post due to child protection. please see hard copies in pigeon holes.

  • Work Day-Please see covered way for the date-very soon!
  • Whole School Open Day 29 March 2.30-4pm.  We are planning an Easter Treasure Trail around the grounds for our visitors (our children will have their own separate hunt).  This will be followed by a café for all of us – do stay and introduce yourself to visitors.  Please speak to Stephanie if you can help with the Treasure Trail or café.