Spring Festival Fun

Spring is the time for new light and new life so we had our annual Spring Festival this week. Some people call this time Beltaine meaning the bright one and fire. The children and adults all dressed up in spring colours or fairies to celebrate the age old tradition of celebrating coming out of winter into the lighted half of the year. The children made up their own dances to teach the adults and we paraded around the school grounds with drums and other instruments to wake up the earth. A giant cicle had been made in the field  with flags, bunting and  greenery . We all entered it to dance and sing together. We also took  a moment of silence together to listen to the nature all around us and to be presesnt with one another. The children sung a song all about sending peace, hope love and joy into the world and gave each of their family a small decorated stone to symbolise their desire to try do this themselves. They also talked about things that they wanted to get better at and walked through a willow hoop to give themselves a new spring name and to carefully think what they want to get better at. They thought of being better football players, hugging more and making new friends. We followed all of this with a  wonderful cafe full of homemade cakes and goodies. And it did not rain once!