Otesha Project arrives at Park

Last week we enjoyed 7 young people coming to our school from a project called Otesha.  This is an organization that aims to educate about themes such as sustainability and equality, and planet-friendly, people-friendly living in a positive and creative way.  The group gave a mini show to Ben and Mark’s classes about how important it is to try to eat healthily and looked at Fair Trade issues through song, dance and drama.  They then talked to the children about how they had cycled from South Wales for the last 5 weeks giving their message to lots of different children.  They explained that they had tried to only eat locally and no GM modified foods all the time.  The school and its ethos overwhelmed the group.  So much so that 2 of the group want to come back to volunteer to help in our garden at some point.  They would need some accommodation.  When I know more I will let you know.