Ofsted surveys for parents and pupils

Ofsted used to bring surveys to the school to find out what you thought of the school during their inspection.  However the school now has no notice of the inspection and no time to collect surveys.  Ofsted has asked schools to give parents and children ‘Point-in-time surveys’ between September 3 and 12 October 2012 to enable the inspection team to find out what you think about the school should they come in this academic year.  They plan to ask you to fill in this point-in-time survey every year.  The links for the two surveys are:

For pupils       http://surveys.ofsted.gov.uk/survey?token=5044d17d7b640

For parents    http://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk/

Please fill in before 12 October 2012.  Should you need a paper copy of the pupil survey please call 0300 123 1231 or email surveys@ofsted.gov.uk