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What a wet, wet, windy time we are all having.  Well done those of you who braved the floods to get to school this week!

As the leaves turn their autumnal colours I have started to feel that winter is on its way and with that Christmas approaches.  Our fair is quite early this year so I feel that Christmas is arriving even earlier!


Here is a note from Stephanie- Christmas Fair 6 December 3-6pm:

Our Christmas fair is beginning to shape up to be a lovely festive occasion - thank you to all those parents who have offered their time and energies already this year.  Please, can I ask us all to take some time between drop offs and pick ups to check the board under the covered way and sign up to help make it fun for all of us.  Please put any toys for the Toy Stall under the covered way.  There is a basket by the office for you to put your gifts of delicious (where possible organic and Fair trade) food for our raffle prize.  Put something in that you would want to win!

A reminder that this year's Christmas Café will be organized by all the parents in Ben's Class but everyone can offer to bake a cake or two.


Parent Choir - first rehearsal on 26th November at 8pm - no need to be amazing singers - its something fun and festive for us all to get to know each other.  Call Stephanie as it will be in her house in Ashburton.  The choir will sing to the children at the start of the Fair after the children have sung to us all at 3pm.

Stalls needed

  1.  Craft making
  2. Book stall helper – lots more books      please – leave under the covered way
  3. Children’s games - Talk with your      child to see what game they would like to offer.  Please be aware that they must set it up      and that you are responsible to help them clear it all away at the end.
  4. Entertainment – storytelling and music      needed.
  5. Any other ideas please tell Stephanie!
  6. Toys needed – leave under the covered      way

Please can we all stay to help tidy up at the end so that it can be done quickly and easily.


love Stephanie xxx


Please remember to take your child’s bike home in advance of the Fair or ensure that they have the key to their bike lock in school so that bikes can be moved out of the way if needed for this event.  Also remember to lock bikes at the end of every day as they are not insured by the school’s insurance.

As the children will be singing at 3pm please arrive by then - there will not be the usual supervised break at the end of the day and please remember that the children are parents’ responsibility during this busy event.


A note from Hamid -  

New Class Room – Update-


Just a quick update. As you will know we gained the required planning permission and you will all have seen that Mark's old classroom disappeared over the mid-term break in anticipation of the new building arriving. Despite the occasional shower and the roof weighing way more that we expected we had a lot of fun unbolting all the bits and pieces and turning it into a 3 dimensional jigsaw puzzle. All the bits were moved to Bowden House, where it will be resurrected to become a new community centre.


It looks like Mark and Ben's classes will have to stay close neighbours for a little bit longer: the new classroom was scheduled to be with us before Christmas but - due to delays at the manufacturer's end - it will now not arrive until the 22nd of January. Let's hope the weather stays on our side.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about the new classroom project feel free to get in touch with me at any time.

all the best

Hamid van Koten (Aliyyah's dad)



Thank you to Bowden for the smooth operation of talking down this building.  It could have cost the school as much as £6000 to have it removed.  Bowden took it away for free and gave all of their time to us.  I hope that their new community centre will be a very positive and useful space to them.


I would also like to thank Erica for the time and care that she gave to save the beautiful rose that was growing up the old classroom.  It was quite a challenge.



We are going to try to re-turf the area in the Early Years which had to be dug up to put in the new data cables for the new classroom.  Does anyone have a small trailer and a vehicle to pull it?  Please tell the office as soon as possible.


We are still needing a large van or large trailer to take away the old play houses.  Can you help?  Please talk to Martin.


We had a London based South Korean film crew come into school in the middle of October.  The children loved meeting the crew and they stayed at school for an afternoon filming teachers, children and parents.  The children were busy harvesting their crop of squash, pumpkins, green leaves and edible flowers.  The crew were making a short film about community which they will send to us once it is completed.  It will be in South Korean but should still be fun to watch!  Thank you to the parents who came to be interviewed.


If you manage to pop into the Early Years to see the wonderful owl pictures they have been drawing it will be worth the trip!  So many budding artists in one space!


Ben’s class has been busy learning about rainforests and have learnt about various creatures as well as making posters about how to conserve them.  Mark’s class has nearly finished their planet lanterns which will light up the covered way at our Christmas café.  They are huge!  They have been learning all about how light works – and why the clouds recently mean that we don’t have shadows.


Dyane has been busy with the children in the garden in all sorts of weather.  The beds are getting cleared and ready for winter but she is organizing a tree planting area and is also growing some mushrooms with the children in a special bag.


Carlos and Mark have been into school recently to work with Ben and Mark’s class on Earth Medicine activities.  The weather was beautiful and the children sat around the fire learning how to listen and notice what was around them through games and laughter.  I also heard lots of cheering and clapping.


The children in the main school and the older Early Years children had a wonderful evening with a beautiful light playing across the field.  They played all sorts of games as well as dodge ball and ‘It’.  Mark made us all supper and the scrummy crumble was made by Dale and a few children using the last of the apples from our orchard.  As the darkness set in Ben lit a fire and told a story which had us all gasping and laughing.  We finished the evening telling jokes to each other around the fire.  Thanks to all the parents who helped with the shopping and the clearing up at the end.  It is so great to get support with these events.


Christmas cards

Heidi has been organizing a great fundraiser with the children making their own cards.  The art work that the children have produced is beautiful and I am sure that they will make a lovely gift for your friends and families.  Thank you to everyone who helped with this.


Operation Christmas Child

Thank you to those of you who managed to get a Christmas box made for the Operation Christmas Child.  There were so many beautiful sparkling boxes that will make a gift of hope and love to each child this Christmas.  Thank you to Talia’s granny, Jill for her help with this project.




We have had a very good couple of years fundraising.  Last year money was spent on a wide range of things -items purchased included gazebos, a shed, computers, a camera and money also went towards the London trip to win the new classroom, the puppet show, the play, work day food and Children’s fire sessions.  This year money has so far been allocated to bark and sand, kitchen utensils, tripods, a Forest school shelter/gardening and the Christmas party.  The money raised at fairs and cafés really does make a difference to what we can do at Park.  Thank you for your generosity in time and money in all the school events.  Any queries please talk to the office.



  • Children in the main school need to have boots, a healthy snack, a coat and a change of clothes in school every day
  • If your child is not coming to school for whatever reason please call the office as soon as possible.  We have a legal duty to record why children are not at school.  It saves us so much time if we don’t have to phone you.
  • If you need to contact teachers out of school hours please use the school phone line and not their personal mobiles, home numbers, emails or via face book.  Teachers need to be able to relax once they get home and be with their families.  In case of an emergency please contact Amanda or Inge.  Their numbers are on the Parent phone list.


Please be aware that if you send information via email to school it may not be picked up straight away as Pauline has loads of other jobs and does not check the emails all the time.   Important messages are always best told with a phone call or with one of us in person.

  • Applications for local authority run      Primary schools for next year’s rising 5s – children born between 1/9/08      and 31/8/09 open on 7 November at      and close on 15 January 2013. Places are offered to start in      September but parents can choose to defer until the term of the child’s      fifth birthday although applications must still be made before the closing      date of 15 January.  Children attending      a maintained school reception class full or part time will not be able to      use the Early Years entitlement funding.       However if deferring school entry you need to make that clear to      the school and then you can continue to get funding.
  • On line survey –

A message from the Early Years and Childcare Service who are carrying out a survey of parents to find out about their Childcare needs:  They have asked as many parents as possible to complete this short survey online before 31 December 2012:

‘Calling all parents!

Devon County Council are asking parents to tell them what age child you have and how many hours of childcare you require a week, so they can make sure there are enough childcare places for everyone.   If you are a parent please help by completing the simple 5 minute online survey even if you do not need any childcare. The survey can be found at

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Early Years and Childcare team on 0800 056 36 66 or Many thanks in advance for your co-operation,

The Early Years and Childcare Team, Devon County Council. ‘

Date reminders-in your hard copiesin your pig. holes

Early Years Nativity

Greenery Walk - 4 December

Carol Concert and Christmas Fair

Dartington Estate Carol Concert- 10 December 10 am -11.30

children’s Christmas lunch and party with Father Christmas – 17 December.  Sacks with class names will be upstairs in the Quiet Room from 3 December for parents to put a named ‘you know what’ (up to £5) to be given to your child by ‘you know who’ at the party.  Please ensure they are in place by 12 December at the latest.  (If this cryptic message means nothing to you please have a word with your class helper or the school office).


Christmas lunch will be on 17 December and is open to all!  If your child does not usually have a school lunch on Monday please tell Tabitha by 3 December and hand in the money to the class teacher (cheques payable to T. Crook).


Christmas post box – we will be putting a post box in the hallway on 3 December for those of you who want to send cards to each other.  Please make sure names and class teachers names are written clearly on the front.


Email addresses

This is the first school news which is being sent by email as well as pigeonhole to those who have returned the consent form.  If you have not returned the form as yet but would like to receive future school news editions in this way please return the form below. Please make sure that you inform

Finally, a warm welcome to Evie who has joined the EarlyYears and her Mum Helen Fernyhough.


Best wishes,


Amanda Bellamy

Teacher in Charge




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To aid communication the school publishes a Parent phone list for parents and members of the school community.

The school office and certain members of the school community e.g. Parent group coordinators, may prefer to send you some information by email if you are willing.  Please would you sign below to indicate your agreement to your phone no. and email address (if relevant) being used for these purposes.

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