Human Scale Education Research

Many of you realize that Park School is a Human Scale School and that we have been trying for many years to help people understand what this means.  An organization called Human Scale Education was founded about 25 years ago and has been looking at the same issue.  It has spent some time looking at Human Scale issues in state secondary schools.  However we recently contacted them and sent the article written by our Council Member and ex-Teacher in Charge Richard Hickman called ‘Some issues in Human Scale Education’.  The director, James Wetz, was so interested in this article that he came to visit the school last term.  James has been a head teacher for over 16 years in a state secondary school.  I met him with Richard over a hot cup of tea and talked about what we do at Park and then showed him around the school where he chatted to staff and pupils. He was very impressed and gave us very positive feedback on the day and wrote an email with this in it:  

Park School Dartington

This is an exceptional school which highlights human scale education practice in a deeply effective way for its children, its parents and its staff.  This is a school community where relationships and scale really matter and where these impact strongly on children’s wellbeing and attainment.


Park School is part of a national programme supported by the Human Scale Education Movement which is developing a footprint of Human Scale Education practice on behalf of the wider educational community.


He has also invited the school to take part in a national 3 year Action Research Project.  This will look at what Human Scale Education is about and try to put its findings into a book which will make it clear to the general public.  We have been chosen as one of only 10 schools in the country.  The other schools are secondary and primary – state and independent.  I am thrilled to be taking Park into this project and going to London son with Richard hIckman ( Council member and ex-teacher in charge) to discuss the next stage with the other head teachers and James Wetz.