School News 2013

  World Book Day Characters 2013 We had a wonderful book character parade last week.  Thank you for supporting your child by helping them to dress up.  We had pirates, a hamster called ‘Nibbles’, Harry Potters, Wild Things, as well as many other characters.  The children chatted with so much enthusiasm about their books and inspired each other.  Lily showed me her pirate golden pants story which made me laugh so much.  Book Week was full of book reviews, storytelling, parents coming in to read and book making.  We will do our ‘extreme reading’ (which involves reading anywhere you like – even up a tree) as soon as the weather dries up.   Keep reading with your child every day – it makes a huge difference.

I felt so proud to be part of Park School Cabaret on Saturday night.  The Cabaret evening was a stunning, thrilling, emotional, hysterical roller coaster from start to finish!!  I think I was actually laughing and crying at the same time at some point.  When Kirsty planted the seed of us holding a Cabaret a year ago she said ‘We have such talent at our school’- she was so right!  Every act was so professional and exciting to watch – and Kate joined all the acts together so brilliantly with her wit and humour. An awesome job not to be underestimated!  I will put some photos on the notice boards as soon as I can.  Thank you to all the acts.  Didn’t the children blow you away?!  And a special mention to Glorious Chorus, The Sheriff and his boys and Kwabana Lindsay for giving their time so generously to help us raise funds for school and to give us such quality entertainment,  helped by Drum and Richard doing a grand, professional job with all the sound and lighting.  There are so many people that I want to thank for making the evening such a success.  I want to start with Nicky, John, Jacob and Kai who woke up at 6am to start cooking all the quiches all day for us.  They were so delicious and helped us all have plenty to eat.  Kathy bought extra-large bowls of pastas and goodies too.  I can’t thank everyone who bought the food individually – but it was a beautiful gift of food that we gave each other, wasn’t it?

Thank you to Oli for taking the time and care to make the posters and tickets – which I am sure you will agree were stunning.  The hall was so beautifully decorated by the decorating team- with such attention to detail that Heidi had ‘quality control’ over every heart that we hung up!  The tables had lanterns made by Sarah and flowers arranged so thoughtfully.  Rachel made a perfect ‘Head Barman’ at the bar.  Thanks to Oli and Rachel for buying, collecting and taking back the alcohol and all the glasses (well that’s what they said they did with the alcohol….) – and for the team behind the bar.  Derryck’s cocktails were delicious and a hit I believe.  Thanks to Andy who stood in the freezing cold wrapped against the elements to be our car park attendant – much appreciated!

Everyone was so helpful cleaning up the various places around the hall at the end of the evening, popping in and out of the ‘Zumba’ disco in between jobs!  Rubbish got taken away and toilets got cleaned while the kitchen was mopped and all the tables and chairs got put away.  With so much help it just felt like an extension to the party atmosphere rather than a chore to clean up.  There was quite a lot of food left over so I decided to take it all to the local homeless kitchen in Totnes where it was very much appreciated.  (I have put any bowls in the kitchen.  Do please pop in to collect them asap).  While I was there it came to my attention that if you had any old sleeping bags, blankets or tins of food you no longer need I would happily take them down.  Just give them to me at any time.

Thank you once again to Kirsty for holding it all together, for the idea, for the decoration, the singing, the selling of tickets, the fooling, the cleaning, the patience and the creativity that you gave.

I know that there will be people that I have not mentioned by name here as so many people gave their time so generously.  It was an evening of joy, laughter and love that I know I will never forget.  Thank you everyone who supported our cabaret in any way.  A wonderful way to build our community and raise funds.

Our next gathering will be the Work Party Day . See school news hard copies for details..  This is a chance for you to offer up contribution hours, get to know people, laugh and have a delicious lunch while helping with the many jobs we have in school.  Sign up for lunch please – under the covered way.  If you could bring a wheelbarrow, gloves and energy that would be fabulous.

The last event this term is our Open Afternoon 21 March 2.30-4.30. This is a chance for new families to come to visit us and find out what we are about.  We invite our visitors to walk around the school on a treasure trail using their 5 senses to find treasure at the end.  (Park School children will have their own treasure trail the following week).  We have decided to have a café with bought biscuits, juice, tea and coffee because of all the cooking you all did last weekend.  But if you fancy making a cake please do!  Or if you fancy working with some children to make fairy cakes beforehand let their teacher know as soon as possible.  We do need people to help with the setting up of the café and a few of the activities for the treasure trail.  Come and talk to me or sign up on the sheet – under the covered way (yet again!!)  We would appreciate a prompt 3 o’clock pick up that day to allow teachers space to get themselves organized.  At 4pm we will officially open the new classroom.  The company who gave us the classroom is called Elliotts and they (hopefully) will be cutting the ribbon with a surprise visitor (children’s request!)  The people who supplied the furniture, the whiteboard and the office electricity have also been invited.  I am sure you will give all of our visitors a heartwarming welcome.  Please remember that your child is your responsibility at all out of school hour events.

Please can you be very aware of how your child crosses the road.  I have seen children running across the road at the end of the day unattended.  Not all car drivers are aware that young children are crossing. 

The spring term ends on 28 March and the summer term begins on 16 April.

Looking forward to sharing more time with you lovely people.

Best wishes

Amanda Bellamy

Teacher in Charge




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