School News April 2013


DSCN0550Welcome to the summer term at Park! -Always one of my favourites.  Let’s hope that we actually get a summer this term.  Remember all children in main school must have a towel and a whole change of clothes to have some water play.  Sun cream is best applied at home each morning.  If you want your child to reapply sun cream through the day please bring a named bottle in to school.  School will have some sun cream for emergencies.  New must have pieces of kit are:  a small child-friendly bag to take clothes, books, snack boxes to and from school to help children to become more independent and a named sunhat. As you would have read in the last school news Emily and Dyane left at the end of last term.  Shona has taken on board the role as gardener and I am sure will have plenty of ideas and enthusiasm.  Shona has been connected to the school for a number of years as her daughter attended Park School and she was our school cook.  She has also agreed to cover Emily’s hours for the whole of this term.  This gives us plenty of time to find the right person for September.

Ofsted Parent View

Last September I invited you to give your views about Park School to the Ofsted Inspectors through a website called Parent View.  I would like to invite you to do this now if you did not manage before.  Your views and opinions are extremely important.  Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about our school.  Parents View asks your opinion on 12 aspects of your child’s school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.  Please follow the link  I also have hard copies of a questionnaire in the office if you would find this easier.  All replies are kept in sealed envelopes and kept confidential for the Ofsted Inspectors.  We are anticipating an inspection in the near future and would value your feedback.

Please remember that this is a great time for bikes in school for main school children and that they must have personal named helmets at all times on any wheeled objects.  As helmets should be fitted very well (and they take ages to fit each one x 30 children!) we do not allow sharing of helmets so please ensure your child has one in school.  All bikes must be locked when not in use.  Our insurance does not cover stolen bikes or scooters.  Please do not lock bikes together as this can cause problems when the key holder is not in school the next day!  We have Bike Week 17-21 June and all children in main school need a bike in good working order and a good fitting helmet for the bike rides we want to plan.  Any offers of help to pump up a tyre or two on 17 and 18 June am would be much appreciated.  Please talk to your class teacher.

The Spring Café is on 2 May -starts with a few songs and dancing followed by a parade around the school grounds and finishes with singing and a delicious café.  You and your child are invited to dress up for this event in spring colours, as fairies or young creatures to signify new life and celebrate the beginning of summer (hopefully!!!!)  There will be a sign up sheet for organizing the café which is being led by the Early Years parents headed by Kathy.  There will be a sign up sheets for cakes soon.  This is a fundraising event.  Thank you for all who helped at our Open Day last term which was lots of fun and takings came to £64.

There will also be a sign up sheet for jobs that need doing this summer term.  The Work Day this term will be on 29 June and will extend into a Family Camp starting 6pm ’til Sunday 30 June at 11 am.  Lunch will be provided as usual on the Saturday but if you wish to camp then bring supper to share.  I remember a very decadent shared breakfast being given to me last year as I basked in the morning sunshine!  Do try to come and sign up so that we can gauge numbers.  There is no cost involved but we all do a cleaning rota.

Young Dartington summer camps for children aged 8-14 are running from 22 July -9 August.  Park children receive a discount.  If you would like more information there are brochures on the table outside the school office.  Their website is and they can be contacted on 01803 867100 or 07818032443 or email:

School Lunches

In order to help Tabitha collect payments you will need to book and pay for all meals by Monday 22 April at the latest.  Payment after this time will have the usual surcharge added.  A minimum booking of 3 days a week is needed (if you have an Early Years child who only attends for 2 full days Tabitha will make an exceptional arrangement with you) but you can now choose to have a favourite World Food Day in addition without having to commit to it as one of your 3 days every week.  Refunds can only be provided if your child is off school due to illness for more than three consecutive lunc

h days (in one week) and in this circumstance reimbursement (starting from the fourth day of absence) will be by deduction from the following invoice.  Holidays should be notified to Tabitha by the first day of the half term, as invoices need to be issued.  Unfortunately it will not be possible to make any other refunds.  I know that it is difficult to provide an organic and nutritious lunch on a budget and hope you will support Tabitha in this.

A warm welcome to Hughie, Ella, Matilda, Laila, Joshua and Jay who are joining the Early Years this term.  Hughie’s parents are Gina and Ben Hayes and they live in Totnes, Ella’s Mum is Catherine Barlemoor and lives in Buckfastleigh,  Matilda’s parents are Susie and Stuart Dorman and they live in Littlehempston, Laila’s parents are Lisa Adshead and Nick Hallam and they live in Totnes, Joshua’s Mum is Estelle Adams and they live in Buckfastleigh and Jay’s parents are Emma Kempton and Mat Chivers and they live on the Dartington Estate.  A updated phone list will be in pigeon-holes shortly.

Dates-due to safeguardng and child protection not all dates are written here:

  • 23 April- Please could we have some help to move the yurt?  Please sign up on the board under the covered way.
  • 24 April- Mark’s class presentation 3.30-4.30
  • Early Years social 7.00-8pm.
  • 25 April- Ben’s class presentation 3.30-4.30
  • 26 April- Older class second gym session.  1 parent needed for the walk down.  Please talk to Mark if you can help with this.
  • 1 May- 9.15am in the kitch
  • en.   Meeting for new parents (Invitations will be in pigeon-holes shortly).
  • 2nd May- Spring Celebration Café
  • 3 May- No gym.
  • 6 May- Bank Holiday
  • 8 May- Strawberry Fair planning meeting 9.15.  All parents invited for consultation.
  • 10 May- Older class third gym session.  1 parent needed for the walk down.  Please talk to Mark if you can help with this.
  • 14 May- Pizza Oven Day.
  • 17 May- Older class fourth gym session. 1 parent needed for the walk down.  Please talk to Mark if you can help with this.
  • 22 May- Play - Studio 30, the Hexagon
  • .  Mark and Ben’s class to arrive 5.30 at school having eaten supper.
  • 24 May- Non-Pupil Day.
  • 12 June- Parent Teacher Meetings 3.30-5.30.
  • 13 June- Parent Teacher Meetings 3.30-5.30.
  • 19 June- Sports Day
  • 26 June- Provisional Sports Day (if wet on 19 June) 2-3pm.
  • 29th June- Workday  and  Family Camp
  • 6th July- Strawberry Fair 11-3 pm.
  • 9 July- Pizza Oven Day.
  • 17 July- Leavers Ceremony 11-12.  Te
  • rm ends at noon.

Please especially note that the Strawberry Fair is on 6 July 11-3pm.  This is our main fundraiser and publicity event and is an event that all families are expected to contribute to on the day- this time is in addition to the 12 hours a term contribution.  It is always so much fun for everyone on the day but we need as many people as possible to be behind the scenes from the start (and this time does contribute to your term contribution hours).  Contact Stephanie to show how keen you are!  Strawberry Fair planning meeting on 8 May 9.15am in the kitchen.  All welcome.

Class presentations are also a very important part of you knowing how you can help your child at school.  Please make a special note to attend these.  Your child will be looked after by a member of staff.

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