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Wow! The school play of ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe ‘ was so much fun.  I loved the rod and the shadow puppets effects and the children’s acting amazed me -even though I had seen them in several rehearsals.  Rather than download a play the script was totally written by the children, Mark and Martin. The collaboration between the adults and the children is what really helps to make the children shine on stage and where so much learning about team work happens.  I overheard so many conversations about how things could be done, who could say what, what prop would need to be made and which song could go with each scene over the last month.  Many of these casually chatted through over lunch or break times.  It is clear how well Mark and Martin know the children right from the casting to the final dance moves.  I was privileged to be back stage and was so impressed by how the children worked together to help each other get on stage on time and to find the right props.  It is as busy back stage as on stage most of the time! For those of you who did not manage to see it I am very pleased and grateful to Richard Daws and Drum for filming the show and they are in the process of making a DVD.  Thank you to Richard for setting up and lending us the keyboard, to Sian for taking photos (ask her if you want any copies), to Esther’s dad Ruben for playing his guitar, to Fran for playing the keyboard, to Emma and her crew for organising the snacks and clearing up, to everyone who helped us tidy up the Hexagon, to DAPA for allowing us to use the space and once again to the children for their wonderful night of entertainment. As most of you are well aware the next fundraiser is the Strawberry Fair on 6 July 11-3.  Please book that date in your diary if you have not done so already! There will be sign -up sheets going up under the covered way soon but please contact Stephanie and respond to her emails as soon as possible so that we all enjoy this beautiful event. This is our major fundraising event and we ask that all parents contribute:


1.  Cooking for the Fair -Give at least 1 dish

2.  Giving time during the fair - Give 1 hour time-slot commitment

3.  Giving time setting up or dismantling the fair   - Give 2 hour time slot commitment

I see that many of you are coming to our next Work Day June 10-2. This is a time to get to know people, do some jobs for the school and share lunch together.  It is a good way to give your contribution hours. There are a lot of people signed up so if anyone else could offer to make lunch please pop your name down. If you feel that the cost of ingredients would put you off doing this then please talk to Ruth as you can get it reimbursed. This Work Day is followed by a Family Camp from 6pm June to 11am June. We will all bring supper and breakfast to share and contribute towards a cleaning rota. Please bring songs, stories and other joyful activities with you too.

Please remember that your children are your responsibility during all out of school hours events.

Please look under the covered way on the notice boards for more ways that you can help the school and give your contribution time. This is 1 hour a week as well as time at all cafes and fair days. Talk to Stephanie or to Ruth if you need to find out more information.

New Secretary for September 2013

We were very fortunate to be able to shortlist 3 candidates from a very strong list of applicants and very pleased to say that we have appointed Rebecca Drake.  She has worked as a school secretary for many years and has a wealth of experience to share with us. She will be in school this half of term for several days to shadow Pauline.


If you have any plastic bags for putting wet clothes in after water play fun please put them in the middle room.

Young Dartington summer camps for children aged 8-14 are running from 22 July -9 August.  Park children receive a 10% discount on the basic price. If you would like more information there are brochures on the table outside the school office.  Their website is and they can be contacted on 01803 867100 or 07818032443 or email:

DATES-some dates arenot comleplete for child protection reasons. Please see your pigeon holes for more info.

12 June- Parent Teacher Meetings 3.30-5.30.

13 June- Parent Teacher Meetings 3.30-5.30.

June- Sports Day 2-3pm.

 June- Provisional Sports Day (if wet on 19 June) 2-3pm.

 June- Workday 10-2 and Camp 6pm-11am on 30 June.

6  July- Strawberry Fair 11-3pm.

9 July- Pizza Oven Day.

 July- Camp for Early Years, Ben and Mark’s classes.

July- Mark’s class camp continues.

17 July- Leavers Ceremony 11-12.  Term ends at noon

Bike Week- 17-23 June

Remember all children in the main school need a bike and good fitting helmet in school after half term!  If you have an old one that your child has grown out of and is still in good condition why not bring it to school this term to give/sell to another family.  Any unsold/not given bikes must be taken away by the end of bike week. Thank you.

28 June -local MP to visit school-Sarah Wollaston-to find out what we have done on bike week. All bikes needed in main school


Please leave the kitchen as you would like to find it. This includes putting the milk away, wiping surfaces by the kettle and washing up your cup.

New Early Years Gate

Thank you to Martin for making us our new yellow Early years gate.  It looks very cheerful!

Parent Council Member

As you may be aware Park does not have a board of Governors but the Council of Management.  The Council oversees the general running and direction of the school.  There are usually 2 elected parent members at the meeting which happens once every half term on a Tuesday (5-7pm).  Ross has come to the end of his term and is stepping down.  I would like to thank him for his support and insight during these meetings and the time he has committed to it.  If you would like to join, Council nominations should be returned to the office by 14 June.  Voting if required will take place on Wednesday 19 June 3-3.30 and Thursday 20 June 9-9.30- Dates to be confirmed.  For more details contact Heidi or Ross.


Ofsted Parent View-reminder

Last September I invited you to give your views about Park School to the Ofsted Inspectors through a website called Parent View.  I would like to invite you to do this now if you did not manage to before.  Your views and opinions are extremely important.  Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about our school.  Parents View asks your opinion on 12 aspects of your child’s school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.  Please follow the link  I also have hard copies of a questionnaire in the office if you would find this easier.  All replies are kept in sealed envelopes and kept confidential for the Ofsted Inspectors.  We are anticipating an inspection in the near future and would value your feedback.


We have a busy half term ahead with lots of fun and laughter. Please support your child by ensuring that they arrive on time to school each day with sun cream already applied  (if you use it).  All children need a change of clothes, a coat, wellington boots and a towel in school every day to be able to take part in all the activities. A school bag such as a small rucksack to hold all these things makes it easier for your child to organise their things and to transport them home if needed.

Looking forward to enjoying the sun with you!

Best wishes

Amanda Bellamy

Teacher in Charge


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