EUDEC Conference 2018

2 teachers had the opportunity to attend EUDEC (European Democratic Schools Conference) for a week of the summer holidays. EUDEC was formed about 30 years ago by Sands School,Devon and the first democratic school in Israel. The conference was set up for people to attended from all over Europe -from democratic schools, the home schooling community and the state system to discuss relational education and democratic principles. There were five days of talks and workshops on a range of topics including:  How to bring democratic elements into all schools, how to listen well to children and each other, how to communicate effectively in communities, self reflection time and attributes that educators need to teach democratic principles. Our Park School teachers gave a short workshop about Park School which was well attended. During various conversations at the conference they realised that Park and Sands School are studied by many training teachers across Europe as a good model to support children to have a voice and grow as whole people.It reminded them about the importance of both schools for children internationally.