Admissions & Fees

Please see Admissions Policy in Policies for more details (click here)

Fees for academic year 2019/2020

We operate a sliding fee scale based on ability to pay. Full information is provided when you apply. Please note, admissions are normally made on bands C, D, E or F. but it may be possible to admit on a lower bursary band. If you feel Park would be the right place for your child, but are unable to meet the fees, it is always worth talking to us.

Band£ per term£ per month
A (income up to £13500)2165.00541.25
B (income 13501-22000)2237.00594.25
C (income 22001-30000)2644.00661.00
D (income 30001-42000)2900.00725.00
E (income over 42001)3258.00814.50
F (income over 42001 plus a £600 donation)3458.00864.50

Additional hours in Early Years are charged at £12.15 per hour.


  1. Complete an application form and return it the school. This indicates a serious interest in the school, but commits neither you nor the school.

  2. If you have not already done so, you will want to meet with the Teacher in Charge or the Early Years Team Leader and see our facilities and the premises. It will also be helpful for you to make contact with the teacher who will be mainly responsible for your child.

  3. The School may wish to contact your child's previous school for a verbal, or occasionally written, report. Such reports can provide an interesting and helpful profile for us to build on.

  4. Children are invited to spend some time in their prospective group to meet the other children and the teacher. This is normally four days for older children and three half days for Early Years children. The time may be extended by mutual agreement.


  1. A non-refundable enrolment fee of £25.00 is charged to cover administrative costs.

  2. The school also requires a refundable deposit of the equivalent of one month's band C fees (£661.00) On leaving the school, you will be able to choose to have your deposit refunded providing proper notice has been given (see below) and there are no outstanding debts. Alternatively, you may like to donate all or part of it towards building up the school's compassionate bursary fund which supports children who for financial reasons might have to leave Park School.

  3. Both the enrolment fee and the deposit are payable on enrolment. Payment of these will ensure that a place is available for your child.


To aid proper planning, parents are requested to give as much notice as possible of their child leaving, and must give at least half a term's notice in writing to the office. In the absence of this, fees must be paid in lieu. In addition, in the event of any amounts remaining outstanding when the child has left the school, the deposit will be retained.