The Curriculum

At Park each child is on their own developmental path. The individual needs and interests of every child are therefore catered for along with plentiful opportunities for developing self confidence, self esteem and independence. We believe that a carefulblending of emotional, intellectual, social, physical, spiritual and creative opportunities provides a wholesome, holistic and balanced education. Learning is built around themes related to science and the environment. This starts in the Early Years with children learning more about themselves and the changing cycles of nature and then moves on to older children considering such issues as habitats and ecology which are interesting to them now and important for the future. Children have an opportunity to contribute to the scope of the themes and parents to actively support them. Education about the environment is a priority for the school and is both promoted and enhanced by it’s beautiful natural surroundings, food garden, and its ‘hands on’ community approach to education. Our aim is to help children to become enthusiastic, self motivated and creative learners throughout life with the perseverance to follow through their own ideas. Experience shows that this is just what our children do. We have our own Maths, English and Environmental Science curriculum which is drawn in part from the National Curriculum. We do not use SATs. Our approach is normally topic based linking different aspects of our curriculum. Older children have experience of a modern foreign language.