Environmental Education

Environmental Education starts with a natural and deep appreciation for the outdoor world. This is made possible for all children by the many and varied opportunities for play in the grounds and woodland of the school. Our extensive grounds include a pond,orchard, greenhouse, gardens, composting area, organic vegetable garden and paddock. These spaces are an integral part of our everyday life providing opportunities for work and play. All the children help to care for this environment and actively participate in the sowing, growing and harvesting of vegetables.

Education about the environment is supported by an understanding of science which provides an introduction to the world of living things, materials and physical processes. It is a largely practical subject which is taught in a way which aims to develop each child’s natural spirit of enquiry and reason. The children follow a programme which ensures they investigate different areas through the topics for the term. Opportunities also exist for children to develop and study ideas and concepts which emerge more spontaneously. Why do magnetic trains repel each other? Why do sunflowers lose some of their seeds?

The woods and surrounding nature serve as inspiration for creative arts for all ages while many expeditions are made into the surrounding area, including the beautiful Dartington gardens, the nearby River Dart and Dartmoor National Park. There are also opportunities to make shelters, light fires and find and eat wild foods.