Progress Through The School

Our early years environment provides the foundation for a child’s education and many of the children move through the school from this secure beginning. Our experienced staff team guides children as they take their first steps towards learning and independence through integrated work and play - indoors and out. It is here where the introduction to literacy and numeracy occurs and always at a pace and in a way to suit the individual child. This is also the time when the high expectations we have of each child’s potential start to be laid.Children move to another class when they are ready and classroom environments and styles of teaching develop to support children’s growing personalities and abilities. Visual arts work becomes more precise and is carried out in more depth, whilst environmental work becomes increasingly outward looking, scientific and theoretical to complement its practical aspects. Maths, English and Science develop the concepts and skills of earlier years, becoming more specific and focused and there is an increasing use of information and communications technology. More options and choices become available - and there are also more - and longer - visits to places of interest.