Questions Parents Ask

What is different about Park School?

Park School feels very different. Firstly, the children are at its heart. The school is therefore made to fit the children and not the other way round. Relationships within the school are based on the cultivation of mutual respect and a guided understanding of self and others. This in turn is helped by our small teaching groups which support children to develop their potential not only intellectually and academically but socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually as well. Other differences include theimportant part that parents play in the life of the school. For example our new look classroom was won in a national competition by a group of parents working alongside the children and their class teacher. Another difference is our curriculum which we believe not only addresses the intellectual and creative needs of children but helps to prepare them for the demands of the future, both at secondary school and beyond.

How do you deal with behaviour issues?

Mutual respect is at the heart of the school. Through empathy, listening, observation and talking the needs and feelings of children are discovered and understood. In this way most issues are dealt with before they escalate and children are guided to freedom with responsibility. However, if behaviour has become a serious concern teachers and parents work out an agreed positive approach to address the particular problem.

Do children learn to use computers?

Information and communication technology is an integral part of the modern world, so it is important that children have controlled access to it. Computers can also be a valuable learning tool and can be especially helpful for children with special learning needs. Children have use of the internet and educational computer packages in main school.

How do children get on when they leave Park?

Our aim is to equip children to do well at whichever school they transfer to - whether this be a state comprehensive, alternative or other kind of private secondary school. We believe that our unique holistic approach in small classes gives children the self esteem, confidence, skills and enthusiasm for living and learning which builds strong foundations for future success and happiness - at secondary school, university and in the world of work.